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The following sections provide information for current regulated members about practice permit renewal, cancellation, reinstatement, parental leave and registration verification.

Practice Permit Renewal

All regulated members must have an active practice permit to practice psychology.

CAP’s fiscal year is April 1 – March 31. Failure to renew a practice permit by the due date may result in suspension and/or cancellation of practice.

Cancelling a Practice Permit and Registration

You may cancel your active registration and practice permit at any time if you:

  • are taking an extended leave from practice (more than five years)
  • will no longer be practicing (e.g., due to retirement, relocation or change of profession) 

When you request that your practice permit is cancelled:

  • you are no longer listed on the active member register
  • your file is closed and your registration status is inactive
  • you do not hold a practice permit and cannot practice as a psychologist or provisional psychologist
  • you will not be refunded practice permit fees
  • you may not use the protected titles registered psychologist or registered provisional psychologist

After you have cancelled your registration, you must re-apply for registration and a practice permit before returning to practice.

If you do not plan to renew your practice permit, please contact the Registration Department.

Reinstatement of a Practice Permit

A former regulated member of five years or less whose practice permit and registration were cancelled may request to be reinstated. The former regulated member who qualifies for reinstatement must complete the following:

  • Written request to the attention of the Registrar, requesting to be reinstated.
  • Reinstatement Application (contact the Registration Department for the application). 
  • Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check (current within one year of application). Third party checks such as BackCheck are not accepted.
  • Declaration of current and active professional liability insurance of a minimum of $1 million.
  • Declaration related to any criminal and/or civil proceedings/actions.
  • Declaration of professional standing, in any other jurisdiction(s) with another regulatory body, professional association, or equivalent, external to the College of Alberta Psychologists. this applies to all professions and not only that of psychology.
  • Registration Verification forms - Part I is required and Part II (if applicable).
  • Fitness to practice.
  • Reinstatement fee.
  • Unpaid fees in arrears (to a maximum of three years – if applicable).
  • Any additional documents/information that may be deemed appropriate by CAP.

Parental Leave

A member may apply for parental leave fee forgiveness commencing the date they cease employment due to the birth or adoption of a child.  The following conditions apply:

  1. The member must notify CAP in writing within 30 days of the expected leave.
  2. The member must maintain current and active professional liability insurance at all times while on the active register.
  3. The member must not practice psychology while on parental leave.
  4. The member must adhere to any continuing competency program requirements that the College may have in place.
  5. The provisional psychologist (whether on Form A or Form B) must maintain ongoing supervision of a minimum of one hour of contact per month between themselves and their primary supervisor even if the provisional psychologist is not seeing clients.
  6. The provisional psychologist on Form B must continue to submit the Supervisor’s Ongoing Evaluation to CAP every six months.
  7. The member must notify the CAP in writing 30 days in advance of their return to work.
  8. This policy provides for one fiscal year waiving of annual fees per occurrence.
  9. This policy is not retroactive and only applies to the current fiscal year covered by the application.
  10. The five-year period to meet all registration requirements (i.e., EPPP, LEAP, 1600 hours) for full registration is not extended for those on parental leave. 

Click here to download a copy of the Parental Leave Request form. You may submit your completed form to the Registration Department at

Registration Verification

A current or former CAP member may request that a verification of their current or former registration with CAP be verified if another regulatory body or agency requires such confirmation. The current or former member or former member must complete the form below, provide payment information and include a copy of the verification of licensure form (if applicable) from the regulatory body or agency. An administrative fee applies. 

Click here to download a copy of the Request for Registration Verification andPayment Authorization Form. You may submit your completed form to the Registration Department at 

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