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CAP Council

As the governing board of CAP, the Council sets policy and the strategic direction within the context of the Health Professions Act, R.S.A 2000, Chapter H-7 (HPA). Council is empowered to: 

  • Act on behalf of CAP to implement the applicable requirements of the HPA;
  • Set CAP’s Strategic Plan, including its Mandate, Mission and Vision;  
  • Establish and revise policies which govern CAP’s activities;
  • Delegate authority and responsibility for implementation of CAP’s policies to the Registrar or any other staff member; and
  • Appoint any committees, in addition to the committees referenced in the Bylaws, as Council may consider necessary and advisable.

The Council consists of ten voting members: five registered psychologists elected by the membership and five public members appointed by the provincial government. CAP officials and one recording secretary also attend meetings.

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The Role of Public Members

CAP highly values the important role of Public Members.  Appointed by the provincial government, Public Members serve a key function by ensuring the public interest is in the forefront of all CAP activities. Public members play an active role in all Council decision-making processes, including serving on Executive Committee and all regulatory tribunals. In accordance with the Health Professions Act, there is an equal or greater representation of Public Members on Council and all regulatory tribunals. 

Public Members:

  • Elaine Andrews
  • Michèle Stanners
  • Joanne Taylor
  • Garrett Tomlinson

Strategic Planning

A five year (2017-2022) Strategic Plan was developed and approved by Council June 17, 2017.  The Strategic Plan was developed as Council expressed a strong desire to ensure all processes and actions reflect CAP’s newly articulated mission and values, while meeting our public protection mandate and legislated roles. 

The Plan consists of six broad strategic objectives: 

  1. ENSURE the ethical principles and standards of practice that govern the profession are enforced in a manner consistent with the stated values of the College and the legislative requirements - protecting the public, guiding the profession and instilling confidence in the self-regulated profession of psychology.
  2. ENGAGE and connect with psychologists on a routine basis, to foster and instill their commitment to both the profession and the practice of psychology. 
  3. ENHANCE the profession by promoting psychologists practicing to their full scope of practice and examining expansion opportunities, while simultaneously meeting our public protection mandate.
  4. ENDORSE evidence-based decision-making in all applied and scientific activities as a critical element in defining professional psychology..
  5. EXCEL as a regulator, implementing state-of-the-art operations, leading-edge technologies, and elegant, efficient and accessible systems.
  6. ENCOURAGE and inspire psychologists to incorporate the principles of continuous learning, self-care and work–life balance into their professional identities, thereby exemplifying the values of the profession.
Strategic Plan (2017-2022) cover
Strategic Plan (2017-2022)


CAP Staff

The Registrar’s role is to function as the Chief Executive Officer and to discharge the responsibilities of the Registrar as mandated in the Health Professions Act and the Psychologists Profession Regulation. The Registrar oversees regulatory compliance of CAP functions, advising and supporting Council in fulfilling its governance responsibilities. Additionally, the Registrar advocates high ethical/professional standards for both CAP and its members. The Registrar encourages open and active dialogue with the public and other stakeholders, including national/international bodies, government and regulated members. In addition to the Registrar, staff members are organized by regulatory and administrative function.

CAP staff are comprised of experienced professionals that are here to answer your questions.

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