The Continuing Competence Program (CCP) audit process verifies that psychologists have met the requirements of the CCP. Results from the audit process (along with member feedback) also contribute to Continuing Competence Program (CCP) improvements.

The audit will review the prior year's CCP plan. Members will still be able to update their current year's CCP plan in the MyCAP Login.

Throughout this section, "HPA" refers to the Health Professions Act. The HPA can be accessed from the Alberta King's Printer website.


Each year, a semi-randomized percentage of CAP regulated members are selected to have their prior year's CCP plan audited. A CCP plan may be selected for an audit as a result of:

  • a random selection (up to 20% per year),
  • a late or incomplete submission, or
  • a request from the Registrar and/or the Complaints Director. 

The CCP audit process assesses the following:

  • Appropriateness to Practice (i.e., is the activity relevant to continuing competence in professional psychology?)
  • Goodness of Fit to Competence Area (i.e., does the activity fit specifically into
    the selected competence area?)
  • Supporting Documentation (i.e., does documentation match and sufficiently
    attest to the declared activity?)
  • Overall Sufficiency and Completion (i.e., are hours sufficient and expectations

A notification email will be sent to everyone who was selected for the audit. This includes people who are no longer registered but who were registered during the CCP year under audit.

Below is an example of what members will see when they have an open audit form on their dashboard in the MyCAP Login:

 Open Audit

The audit form will not be viewable until the review process is completed. Results of the audit will be communicated to members in due course and members need not do anything audit-related until that time. 


At the outcome of the audit process, audited members receive feedback on their CCP submission, including:

  • Approved: CCP submission accepted as is. Members with CCP submissions marked as “Approved” may receive informative feedback, but will not need to modify or resubmit their plans. 
  • Modify & Resubmit: Auditor feedback will indicate updates the member will need to make before resubmitting. Members will have 30 days to submit their revisions. If the second submission remains insufficient or incomplete, the file may be referred on to the Competence Committee for further remediation.
  • Further Action/Remediation: Some CCP submissions will be sent to the Competence Committee who will provide additional feedback/remediation. In some cases, the Competence Committee can determine that there may be cause for a complaint of unprofessional conduct.

Accessing your Audit Feedback

If you are required to modify and resubmit: An Audit form may require modification and resubmission and the open audit form is available on the dashboard of the MyCAP Login:

Returned for Updates

To access reviewer comments, modify the Audit form, and resubmit, click on "Update". From there, you will be able to see the comments from the review at the top of each competence area under the heading "Reviewer Feedback":

Audit Feedback


If your CCP plan is approved: An Audit form may be approved but contain feedback for consideration for future learning plans. As soon as the Audit form is approved, the Audit form will be generated into a PDF. The PDF'd Audit form is available in the "My documents" tab of the MyCAP Login:



Reviewer comments are found throughout the PDF under each competence area under the heading "Reviewer Feedback":


Appeal Process

Members can appeal the results of their audit to a new panel of the CCP committee who must come to a consensus on their review and evaluation decision. The two new professional reviewers can either:

1) uphold the decision of the original review, or

2) update the decision of the original review. 

Decisions of the two new professional reviewers are subject to further appeal to the Registrar and/or a panel of CAP Council. A written request for an appeal must be received by the CAP office within 30 days of the notification to the member of their CCP audit results. Member appeals will be scheduled within 30 days of receipt of the appeal request. An administrative charge will be applied to all appeal requests in accordance with the CAP fee schedule.

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