The following examinations are a requirement in the registration process: 

  1. Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP)
  2. Law and Ethics for Alberta Psychologists (LEAP) Examination

These examinations are designed to assess whether an applicant demonstrates a minimum standard of professional knowledge and judgment in matters of jurisprudence and ethics to safely enter the practice of psychology.

It is recommended that provisional psychologists take both examinations early in the registration process. Provisional psychologists are required to attempt the LEAP within six (6) months of their provisional status being granted. 

In addition to completing both the EPPP and LEAP Examination, successful completion of 1600 hours of supervised and evaluated practice is required to obtain registration as a registered psychologist.

Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP)

The EPPP is an examination that assesses foundational knowledge and is currently in use by the majority of psychological licensing jurisdictions across North America. It was developed and is administered by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB).

The EPPP is a multiple-choice computerized examination designed to assess the minimum knowledge required to safely enter the practice of psychology. The passing score is a scale score of 500 or higher. Applicants may apply to CAP to take the EPPP after they have been issued a practice permit as a provisional psychologist. It is recommended that candidates take the EPPP early in the registration process. 

As of January 1, 2026, the EPPP will consist of two exams, (Part 1-Knowledge) and (Part 2-Skills). Part 2 will further enhance ASPPB’s mission of public protection by providing member boards with a tool to assess the applied skills of candidates who are applying for licensure as a psychologist. The addition of the (Part 2-Skills) portion is consistent with the current trend in regulatory environments that highlights competency rather than strictly academic credentials. Effective January 1, 2026, all members on CAP's provisional register who have not succesfully passed the EPPP Part 1 will be required to also take the EPPP Part 2. Provisional psychologists are encouraged to complete all requirements for full registration in a timely manner so that they will not need to write this additional exam.

Further details about the EPPP (Part 1-Knowledge and/or Part 2-Skills) is available below or can be obtained from the ASPPB website at www.asppb.net.

Number of EPPP Attempts

Starting January 1, 2023 CAP's two policies that limit the number of EPPP attempts will take effect. CAP Council determined that unlimited EPPP attempts and unlimited five-year provisional terms are not in the public interest, nor does this align with the policies and procedures of other Canadian jurisdictions. Registered provisional psychologists must ensure they meet all requirements for full registration within the initial five-year term and this includes successfully passing the EPPP. You can read CAP's policies below.

Apply for the EPPP

Login to the MyCAP Login and submit your EPPP Application. The EPPP Application is found in the "My Forms" section of the dashboard when you log in. Please note that your application will not be reviewed or considered complete until you have made the application payment. Please visit our fee schedule for details on fees associated with the EPPP.

  1. Applications are NOT accepted in the last four months of your five-year term as a provisional psychologist.
  2. You are encouraged to apply and take the EPPP early in the registration process.
  3. Within four weeks from the date CAP receives the application, you will receive an email from CAP confirming your eligibility to apply for the EPPP exam with the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB).
  4. The EPPP exam must be completed one month before your status as a provisional psychologist expires.
  5. Official scores are released to CAP once per week. Each applicant will receive a letter from CAP advising them of their score.
  6. The passing score for the EPPP is a scale score of 500/800 (70%).
  7. Those who do not pass the exam must begin the process again by submitting a new Administrative Application for the EPPP and fee to CAP. Please submit your administrative application after receiving your letter from CAP. Do not request a re-take through the ASPPB.
  8. Please read the EPPP Candidate Handbook on the ASPPB website.

Special Accommodations

Requests for accommodations must be made in the application form. Requests for accommodations cannot be facilitated after the EPPP application is approved. If accommodations are required after the EPPP application is approved, then a new application form must be submitted with a new payment. No exceptions will be made.

EPPP Score Transfers

The ASPPB Score Transfer Service maintains a permanent record of EPPP scores and, at a candidate's request, the service will report the candidate's EPPP score to the licensing board of another state or province in which the candidate seeks licensure or certification. The EPPP score report will also include a review of ASPPB's Disciplinary Data System to determine if a disciplinary sanction imposed on the candidate's license has been reported by a psychology licensing board. To have the score of your previous EPPP pass sent to CAP, please complete the verification request via PSY|PRO at www.psypro.org. More information can be found on the ASPPB website at https://www.asppb.net/page/ScoreTransfer


CAP Policy RP013a

This policy applies to applicants approved to be on the provisional register as of January 1, 2023.

CAP Policy RP013b

This policy applies to provisional psychologists registered prior to January 1, 2023.

Information on the EPPP-1 and EPPP-2

Learn more about the implementation of the EPPP-1 and EPPP-2.

Frequently Asked Questions about the EPPP

Read ASPPB's Frequently Asked Questions about the EPPP.

An Update on the EPPP from ASPPB: A Factual Overview

Read an update from ASPPB: A Factual Overview.

CAP Town Hall - EPPP Parts 1 and 2 Myths and Facts

Hear ASPPB Executive Officers present on the EPPP Parts 1 and 2. 

American Psychological Association (APA)EPPP-2 Article

Read an APA article regarding the EPPP-2.

Fee Schedule

Learn more about CAP fees.

Law and Ethics for Alberta Psychologists (LEAP) Examination

The LEAP Examination is an entrance to practice requirement that assesses a psychologist’s knowledge of Alberta jurisprudence and ethical psychological practice. It was developed and is administered by CAP. The LEAP Examination consists of two parts, a self-study guide and an online examination. The LEAP Examination is “open-book”, meaning that applicants can access and use paper, electronic, or online resources (e.g., laws, regulations, CAP’s practice standards) while writing the examination. The minimum pass score on the LEAP Examination is 80%. 

Provisional psychologists must pass the LEAP Examination and complete 1600 hours of supervised practice prior to transitioning to Standards for Supervision Form B.

Self-Study Guide
The Self-Study Guide is designed to support applicants in identifying, locating, and reviewing regulatory resources.  It can be found below in the LEAP Resources section.

The Examination  
The online examination contains 50 multiple choice questions designed so applicants have the opportunity to apply jurisprudence and ethical concepts to carefully crafted mini scenarios, and is accessed through the MyCAP Login

LEAP 2.0
The 2.0 version of the LEAP Examination was implemented in October 2021 as part of a CAP technology upgrade. Please see the LEAP Handbook and/or FAQs for additional information on this version of CAP’s jurisprudence and ethics examination. Members who have completed the “Oral Examination” or “LEAP 1.0” are not required to write the LEAP 2.0.

Candidates register and pay for the examination directly through their MyCAP Login. Please thoroughly review all resources (below) prior to registering, paying, and/or attempting the LEAP Examination.

Examination Access
Candidates can access (write) the examination at a time of their choosing (which may or may not be at the time of registration/payment). The LEAP Examination is accessed directly through the MyCAP Login. Candidates choosing to “pay now/write later” are cautioned that the LEAP Examination starts when the examination link is clicked - meaning that the timer has started. Candidates should not click the examination link until ready to write the examination.

LEAP Resources

Download the following resources to help get started with the LEAP Examination.

LEAP Self-Study graphic

LEAP Self-Study

Download PDF
LEAP Handbook graphic

LEAP Handbook

Download PDF
LEAP FAQ graphic


Download PDF

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