Academic Credential Evaluations

Applicants must meet the academic requirements of the College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP). The first step in the registration process is for applicants to apply to have the Credentials Evaluation Sub-Committee (CESC) evaluate their academic credentials based on CAP's Criteria for Evaluating Academic Credentials and, when applicable, the Criteria for Evaluating Doctoral Credentials. These criteria documents are linked in the Resources section below.

CAP does not provide assistance in choosing a psychology training program or provide course recommendations. Please see the Criteria for Evaluating Academic Credentials (under Resources below) for an explanation of the evaluation pathways and for credential requirements.

Criteria for Evaluating Academic Credentials

Applicants must, minimally, have earned a graduate degree with a major in psychology, or a graduate degree with content substantially equivalent to a graduate degree with a major in psychology. The degree must have been earned at a government-authorized/accredited institution, must provide the appropriate credits in psychology, and must include specific psychology coursework in core and substantive content areas. For details on these specific requirements, see the Criteria for Evaluating Academic Credentials under Resources, below.

Applying for an Evaluation of Academic Credentials

Applicants should read the documents and resources on this page before submitting an application as they describe the application and evaluation processes and are valuable sources of information. Any questions you may have after reading this information can be sent to

Step 1

Read the following documents before proceeding:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
  • Application Instructions.
  • Criteria for Evaluating Academic Credentials.
  • If applicable, Information for Internationally Trained Applicants is under Internationally Trained Psychologists.

Step 2

Complete and submit the Application for Evaluation of Academic Credentials through the MyCAP Login.

  • Access the MyCAP Login on the CAP website and create an account. You will receive an email from Softworks/Alinity to confirm your account.
  • Complete your online application, ensuring that you have included the minimum required total credits and credits in each of the Core and Substantive Content Areas, as described in the Criteria for Evaluating Academic Credentials. 
  • Submit your application by the deadline date (see the meeting dates schedule). Any incomplete applications will be sent back, and applicants will need to resubmit it for the next deadline date. No additional fee is required to resubmit an application.
  • All digital official transcripts and supporting documents should be sent to All official physical/paper transcripts and supporting documents should be mailed to our office in Edmonton.
  • Your official transcripts and other supporting documents will be attached to your application by CAP staff. If they were not received by the date of your application, you will receive an email that your transcript/documents were not received. You will be asked to resubmit your application for the next meeting.
  • Once you pay the application fee, you will be able to view when the transcripts and other supporting documents have been received or are still required in the MyCAP Login. The information icon will provide details as to which document was received. We do not accept documents from applicants, they must be sent from your institution or organization directly to CAP, please ensure that the documents are sent in PDF format.  The only academic documents that applicants can send directly to CAP is through MyCreds, Parchment and, if applicable, a copy of a full thesis.
  • Ensure that you pick the correct application pathway. You may have completed a CAP approved program, but to be eligible to apply through the CAP approved program pathway, the university must provide your name to CAP. Please contact your university. If they are unable to provide your name on a list of eligible graduates, choose the “other” pathway. 

Step 3

Receiving a Decision from the Credentials Evaluation Sub-Committee (CESC)

  • Once you have received written confirmation from CAP that your academic credentials have been approved, you will have one year to apply for registration as a provisional psychologist. Once your academic credentials have been approved, you will have access to the Application for Registration as a Provisional Psychologist and the Hours of Supervised (Evaluated) Practice Form in the MyCAP Login. More information and the required documentation are available under Registration and Supervision.
  • If your application is missing six (6) semester credits or more, your application will be denied, and you will need to reapply and pay a new application fee once you have completed the remaining requirements.
  • If your application is missing six (6) semester credits or fewer, your application will be conditionally approved. This means you have one year from the date of your decision letter to show completion of the remaining requirements. You will not be able to proceed to register as a provisional psychologist until these requirements are met.
  • The CESC may send a decision letter that states that more information is required. Once the information has been received, it will be reviewed at the following CESC meeting.
  • The approximate timeline to receive a decision letter is 60 business days from the CESC deadline date. The CESC does not guarantee that decision letters will be sent in time for applicants to submit documents for the next RASC meeting deadline. All decisions are sent by email. Check your junk/spam folder as well as your inbox if you have not received your decision letter by this time.

Applying for Doctoral Credentials

Individuals applying for registration based on the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) who have doctoral credentials may access this information directly under the Mobility Applicants section of the CAP website.

Only a regulated member who has earned a doctoral degree in a program of psychology approved by the CESC shall use the title “Doctor” or the abbreviations “Dr”, ”PhD”, “EdD” or “PsyD” in connection with the practice of psychology, to ensure the title protection requirements of the Health Professions Act are met.

Doctoral credentials are evaluated based on CAP's established criteria. Individuals with a doctoral degree who are initially applying to have their academic credentials evaluated are not required to complete this application. Their general academic and doctoral credentials will be evaluated together at a regularly scheduled meeting of the CESC.

Current CAP members who wish to have their doctoral degree evaluated must submit the Application for Evaluation of Doctoral Credentials, provided below. This form is currently not available through the MyCAP Login.

Applicants who hold a CPQ issued by the ASPPB do not need to submit an Application for Evaluation of Doctoral Credentials. Internationally Trained Psychologists (ITP) will have their doctoral credentials evaluated during the evaluation of their academic credentials (if applicable) and are not required to submit a separate Application for Evaluation of Doctoral Credentials.

Any questions you may have after reading this information can be sent to


Resources and Application Information

The following section provides the forms and resources related to applying for an evaluation of academic credentials.

Criteria for Evaluating Academic Credentials

Learn what criteria we follow when evaluating academic credentials.

Application Instructions

Read the instructions prior to completing your online credentials application.

Instructor Credential Form

Send this form to your academic institutions if course instructor credentials need to be provided with your application.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

View the upcoming CESC meeting dates.

Fee Schedule

Learn more about CAP fees.

Criteria for Evaluating Doctoral Credentials

Learn how the criteria is used to evaluate doctoral credentials.

Application for Evaluation of Doctoral Credentials

Access the application for a review of doctoral credentials.

Registration Review Guide

Read about reviews by CAP Council of registration decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Read our FAQs for the requirements to apply for a review of academic credentials.

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