Practice Guidelines

From time to time, the College issues practice guidelines (formerly professional guidelines) in critical or complex areas to guide members.
Practice Guideline Date of Issue Last Revised
Control and Use of Tests by Psychologists 1987 May 2013
Disclosure of Personal or Confidential Information 1998 June 2018
Dual Roles in Conducting Assessments and Providing Therapy With the Same Client 2004 March 2013
Fees and Related Financial Information for Psychologists 2020 N/A
Informed Consent (Former guidelines integrated: Informed Consent for Minors, Mature Minors & Informed Consent for Services) 2008 August 2019
Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)  2018  N/A
Medications and Psychologists 2019 November 2019
Navigating Psychological Practice During and Post the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020  
Preventing and Addressing Sexual Abuse and Misconduct 2019   June 2019
Professional Communications including Representing Self and the Profession 2020 N/A
Psychological Assessment of Parenting Time and Responsibilities  2019  N/A
Psychological Records (Former practice alerts integrated: Access to a Deceased Client’s File, Rationale for Records, Retention of Records)  2019  N/A
Psychological Services for Litigation Support Including Work Product Review/Critique 2019 N/A
Psychologists Supervising Persons Not Regulated by the College of Alberta Psychologists 2007 March 2013
Self-Regulation in the Profession of Psychology                                                                    2008 September 2014
Telepsychology Services 2018   December 2019