Regulatory Information

The basis of regulation for the profession of psychology in Alberta is to serve the public interest and to support psychologists and provisional psychologists in providing proficient services.
A number of documents govern the regulation of the profession of psychology as outlined below:

Additionally, the College develops documents in order to promote competent and ethical practice and to guide its members. The following documents help in defining competent practice:

Disciplinary Decisions

Reinstatement Decision

Important Decision regarding reinstatement in light of the new provisions to the HPA (An Act to Protect Patients)

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The College develops publications (Annual Reports and The CAP Monitor) as required under the Health Professions Act (HPA) as well as to provide information to regulated members and the public.  

Family Law – Practice Notes 7 & 8

Information related to Family Law Practice Notes 7 & 8 can be found by clicking here or go to the Court of Queen's Bench website.

The CAP Monitor



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